The creative workshops

When the Studio disposes of sufficient resources, we like to organize daily workshops combining sharing and creating in far away and / or disadvantaged corners of Morocco.
The concept is simple: to create memories imbued with magic for children very far from daily access to any form of painting.
However our ambition is far greater: we are collecting funds for the acquisition of a minibus LE BUS STUDIO NOMADE so that these creative trips expands than the Bebere villages around Marrakech...all the way to Senegal and beyond.
We organize improvised painting classes in schools lacking tables and chairs. The rules of these creatives trips is that the children leave with something they have made themselves but also that a collective piece of work - a big canvas on the classroom wall - comes to testify in a permanent way in the day to day life that art is the most beautiful record of the presence of man on earth and that it nourishes the soul and spirit.

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